Anyone have any experience with the Revo4 STX baitcaster? How would you rate it? Looking to add another caster to my mix |

Anyone have any experience with the Revo4 STX baitcaster? How would you rate it? Looking to add another caster to my mix

Total Score: 8.08 - GREAT Introduction: Within Abu Garcia's Fourth Generation refresh of their popular REVO lineup of casting and spinning reels, we've seen kind of subtle, under the hood refinements in drag washer design and composition, gear material, hood/front plate design, and the obvious color schemes. I've fished all the reels from the X through the Premier, but the one reel I was most ... This is my first $100 reel and i will tell you it is worth every penny. It blows my kk assassin (which is defective) out of the water. It is a bit heavier but it backlashes less and casts farther than any other real i own, even my other abu garcia pro max spinner. it comes with bearing lubricant which is a plus. The Abu Garcia REVO4-STX Revo STX Generation 4 Baitcasting Reel with a new compact design and combination of advanced materials, is sure to be your number one choice for a baitcasting reel. The EVA knobs allow you as an angler to fish longer throughout the day with less fatigue. As you could see in the video, one thing we’ve been very happy about is the complete absence of any corrosion. (Yes, that reel does get rinsed and dried after use in saltwater—as any should be). Another thing that’s stood out is how light the reel is. In fact, at a mere 6.4 ounces, it’s tough to find any that are lighter. Loved my Gen 2 STX, the Gen 3 STX was the first 200 dollar reel I bought with my money and I loved it and must of got a good reel because I've heard the crap they got for them. The reel feels like a tank but I've had it for 4 months and the gears seem to be going out, it's noticeably grittier and I clean and lube my reels about 1 time per month. In this vid, we demonstrate disassembling, lubricating, and assembling an abu Garcia revo sx. For this project, you will need reel oil/grease, a wrench, a screw driver, q tips, and a tooth brush ... For the advanced angler, the 4th generation Abu Garcia® Revo® STX Baitcast Reel represents the ultimate in casting control and precision. Its acclaimed dual brake has morphed into the almost limitless IVCB-6L™ (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) system, a technological marvel that offers convenient external-adjust cast control that you can fine-tune to accommodate super-light lures and ...

2020.08.05 02:12 Nonimmigrantnyc Anyone have any experience with the Revo4 STX baitcaster? How would you rate it? Looking to add another caster to my mix

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2020.08.05 02:12 Totally_Not_Tim "Where Am I?"

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2020.08.05 02:12 KarlEmmrich Trump's Bizarre Interview With Axios

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2020.08.05 02:12 psychometrixo [Spoilers] Is there another cliffhanger?

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2020.08.05 02:12 phez20002000 4 Line unlimited plan - 3 of 4 lines activated

All was going well, then the last line failed. On phone waiting for 2 hours basically told they will need to escalate. No phone calls, no SMS no data was working.
Sigh that's Hello mobile for you
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2020.08.05 02:12 DryPizza4 Wart Jr leaving on the 11th. lmk if you want him

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2020.08.05 02:12 moldyroots Saw this guy (small snail) in my terrarium today, is this a good thing? Also, I noticed a small amount of mold and my rocks are green so how do I fix?

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2020.08.05 02:12 lukey8902 Will my new GPU work properly?

I'm getting this GPU:
I'm just wondering if it'll work with my i5 9400f and my PSU:
i'll be playing new AAA games like red dead redemption 2
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2020.08.05 02:12 cokehead36177 Skii with me ?

Anyone down to skii ? Bored
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2020.08.05 02:12 bluexdash2 I’m live on fall guys come say hi 👋
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2020.08.05 02:12 brannonantreesa Kail Logic

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2020.08.05 02:12 TLDR_Swinton Trump Calls Massive Explosion in Beirut Likely an 'Attack'

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2020.08.05 02:12 venturejones 8/7 @3PM PST | TFOT Albums Listening Party

Join the subreddit and other fans for a day of listening to the entirety of The Fall of Troys albums and singles. Along with Push Over and Just Like Vinyl for the ending.
When: THIS FRIDAY 8/7 @ 3PM PST.
Where: (Unfortunately you will need a premium subscription to join in, if anyone knows of another option ((maybe discord, but idk since this is sort of a 1 off event)) let me know and I will look into it and/or set it up)
The link is usable before and after this listening party. Those who plan to use it a lot with the sub will be given DJ permissions if a DM is sent to me asking for them, as well.
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2020.08.05 02:12 LikeAshButNot My three year old daughter will not get to come to the hospital to meet her little sister and see that mama is okay.

Which I totally prefer given the circumstances of the virus! However, her little books that we got her (before the virus really amped up) about “mommy having a baby” all tell her she will be able to come see me at the hospital. She’s been confused about that, but I think she’s starting to understand. We got her a gift for each day that she’ll be stoked on. Having baby in 8 days and it will be a repeat C-section so I’ll be gone for a two night minimum. She’ll be here at home with Grandma the whole time and husband will be able to go back and forth. Honestly, the longest I’ve gone from seeing her is two days (so about the same amount of time) and honestly I’m a little nervous too. But I’m trying to keep things really exciting and upbeat surrounding it and reassuring her that mama will be just fine. I made her a little paper chain counting down the days to baby being born and each paper has either a positive affirmation about her or a fun thing happening or activity we’re doing that day. She recognizes the 3 different color days at the end as the days mommy is in the hospital (two yellow for hospital days and one pink for the coming home day). She totally understands it as when I ask her about them she is able to tell me what’s happening on those days (baby is coming out of mama’s tummy, mama and sister stay this day to get checked by doctor to make sure we’re healthy, and mama comes home with baby sister) as well as getting excited about presents from little sister on those days.
Mamas- In this time when hospitals are taking these very understandable precautions, how did your little one who graduated to big brothesister handle not being able to visit you? How did you prepare them? How did it go while you were in the hospital?
Thank you! And I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!
Those of you who have a child who
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2020.08.05 02:12 99sand2000s (F18)

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2020.08.05 02:12 SnowplowedFungus Large-payload aerial firefighting drone

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2020.08.05 02:12 scottb84 WE, the United Way, and labour’s charity problem

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2020.08.05 02:12 TheShortBastardd The curles has always been there 😍

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2020.08.05 02:12 Chromebookarthur Dexter Moment

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2020.08.05 02:12 javawitherspoon MM/Algo Neutral Cheat Sheet

Aight you autists.. Listen up. here's the playbook on wtf MM's/algos do to stay neutral when makin' faggy markets.
After reading that meme "war post" about WSB vs. Big boys, at least know which way to point your fuckin' swords. IV, liquidity, and the spread on puts/calls are important.
heres PRPL for example..
First autist who can tell me what will most likely happen when earnings hits, gets nothing fuck u
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2020.08.05 02:12 cherryzinfandel Found this on r/memes

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2020.08.05 02:12 LackaTaskk Drew some more wiz for you fans out there. God I just love her so much

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2020.08.05 02:12 Phimo5002 Meme do "Baka Mitai" com o Fernando Mendes

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2020.08.05 02:12 craig91 Condo Claim Question

I've only had insurance 2 months, after living without for 3 years lucky for me I never had an issue. Finally after a fairly large flood in our building I decided I should get insurance as an owner and not rely on luck.
Now 2 months later and a backed up drain outside of my unit caused my AC unit (fan coil) to slowly drip water out. It ended up damaging the unit below me, and a small section of my laminate flooring (1 board).
My property manager came in, they want to take out the damaged piece tomorrow to prevent mold themselves. They suggested I claim the flooring on insurance, and get a payout for the full cost of the flooring repair (entire unit) and I can choose whether to replace all the flooring or try to match the flooring and just replace the one (not sure if that's even possible with click install laminate, but the piece is along the edge at least). Personally I can live with the one board damaged, but they are concerned with mold. A few years ago my dishwasher leaked and similar damage happened in the kitchen but I ran a dehumidifier for a week and most of the boards shrinks back to their normal size, I didn't involve the building since I knew it was my issue. Whether there is mold under there or not I don't know lol. I do not want to pay my $1000 deductible to replace the entire units flooring just because of the one board. I don't know if an insurance adjuster would put the value on the entire units flooring considering its one piece, or they would say it's on me because it's less than $1000 to replace the one board.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2020.08.05 02:12 lj1515 Queens of the UK: Fantasy Season 1 Episode 6 Part 2

Well done ladies, you all performed amazingly this week!
Coco Diamond: they said that she sounded great, but they wanted more. They wanted her to sing an original song and compared to the others it was very basic. The dress that she was wearing was pretty but it was too simple for this late in the competition.
Brianna Bratz: all of the judges loved her performance, they thought it was so beautiful and unique. She told a story with her music and it was powerful. David Walliams said that her look was stunning.
Anne Job: she was told that her performance was hilarious and it was very creative, she really showed her own in this challenge. Although they did find her look basic.
AmanDuh: similar to Coco, they thought her performance was good, but it was just a lip sync. They wanted her to bring more originality to her performance.
Frankie Monster: the judges all loved her look, the thought it was so creative and fun. They liked her performance but they could tell she was nervous, they suggested rehearsing it more.
The queens are very quiet when going to sit down. AmanDuh is sad about her bad critiques.
Well, I guess I'm lip syncing again... Said AmanDuh.
Me too. Says Coco.
Coco CF: It's probably gonna be AmanDuh and I lip syncing which is great because she'd go home, but it means I'm in the bottom two again.
Who do you think is gonna win this week? Asks Frankie.
Well obviously Brianna, they loved everything about her! Her lashes, how her heels are exactly 6.34 inches, how great her performance was. But of course they hated my everything, I'm sick of it! AmanDuh says, starting to get angry.
Girl... just because I did good this week doesn't mean you need to tear me down! Brianna tells her.
AmanDuh doesn't answer, she just gets up and leaves the room.
I'm not surprised that she's like this, she's so jelous of everyone, I can't wait to send her home! Coco says.
Frankie CF: AmanDuh is clearly getting frustrated with her place in this competition, understandably so, but she's lashing out and making it worse for herself.
All the queens go back to the mainstage.
Ladies, I've made some decisions... Anne Job, you came out of your shell and we found it hilarious, you're safe. Brianna Bratz, you're flute playing was a golden buzzer! Condragulations you're the winner of this week's challenge. You've won £1,000! Frankie Monster... you're safe. That means Coco Diamond, AmanDuh... I'm sorry my dears but you're up for elimination.
AmanDuh CF: I'm not letting some old man in a wig send me home, I'm gonna turn this out!
Prior to tonight you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. The time has come for you to lip sync for your life! Good luck and don't fuck it up!
Season 2 Application
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