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OK Boomer

OK boomer can be used online to write off, usually to a humorous or mildly mocking effect, opinions that are perceived as emblematic of attitudes of boomers and older people more generally. These attitudes include a resistance to technological change, inclusivity of marginalized identities, denial or inaction on climate change, and a belief that the problems of youth are due to their laziness ... When a baby boomer says some dumb shit and you can't even begin to explain why he's wrong because that would be deconstructing decades of misinformation and ignorance so you just brush it off and say okay. “Ok boomer” has become Generation Z’s endlessly repeated retort to the problem of older people who just don’t get it, a rallying cry for millions of fed up kids. Teenagers use it to reply ... The rise of the phrase “OK boomer” mirrors the growing anger among young people at the older generation’s passivity for the issues facing the world, not only today, but for the issues that ... “OK, boomer.” The refrain — withering or ironic, depending on whom you ask — has spread like wildfire on social media, even making an appearance in a parliamentary debate in New Zealand. Getty. OK, Boomer.. If you’re the target of this new, headline-grabbing phrase, you’re supposedly out of touch—whether you’re a Baby Boomer or not.. “OK, Boomer” is a verbal eye-roll ... OK boomer is an instantly relatable cry of frustration to many people. The earliest mentions of OK boomer can be traced as far back as 2015 on 4chan, where the phrase was used as an insult by the ... "OK boomer" is a catchphrase and meme used by teenagers and young adults to dismiss or mock outdated attitudes typically associated with people born in the two decades following World War II, known as baby boomers.The phrase first drew widespread attention due to a November 2019 TikTok video in response to an older man, though the phrase was actually coined years before that. “OK, Boomer,” was uttered for the first time in a Supreme Court session Wednesday as Chief Justice John Roberts, who will turn 65 this month, referenced the phrase used by younger people to ... “OK boomer” may seem to have sprung out of nowhere, but it has been a long time coming. Millennials have been shouldering blame, shame and dismissal from older generations for years.

2020.08.05 01:48 The_Existentialist OK Boomer

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2020.08.05 01:48 PupPoppingPills Here we have Senõr Snips, Leonardo Di Pinchy and Mr. Krabcake. (Substrate is temporary).

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2020.08.05 01:48 doppl "We're lower than the world." - Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

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2020.08.05 01:48 bigpoopyballs sigma rat huh

is sigma a rat and if it is how tf is it a rat someone explain
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2020.08.05 01:48 DearDefinition Discord taking up the whole screen? Please help

On my phone. It's an Android. When you install, then open it all up- the screen is so big that it covers the phone's bottom buttons, disallowing me to text nor send anything without hitting the buttons instead. How can you fix this?? It makes discord unuseable.
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2020.08.05 01:48 vipstrippers Show request: Letterkenny please

Thank you
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2020.08.05 01:48 6ticky eli5 How come people males are generally larger then females, but most animals like bugs and birds the female is bigger?

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2020.08.05 01:48 Pixel-s I made this thinking of a pixelated game boss fight. Tell me what you think

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2020.08.05 01:48 MrTheoRiZE Noisy Cricket mod. TRVP v2. Twisted kanthal 14 wrap. Instant dabs.v

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2020.08.05 01:48 redneckbillybobby My little kitty cat taking a little kitty cat sleep ^_^ Just wanted to share with someone

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2020.08.05 01:48 bitzzzbyte Need some directions.

Need some directions.
Ok, I'm not so savvy, but I can manage some areas and capable to learn. I built a FreeNAS box about a year ago everything is running perfect. I've been using my 6 sata ports for my pool 6X 4TB, also a sata I/O controler card for my jailhose SSD.
Here is my specs for the server just in case:
FreeNAS CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G MOBO: ASRock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 RAM: Crucial UDIMM 2X 16GB DDR4-2600 PSU: EVGA 600W NVMe: 1X Inland Professional 256GB M.2 1X Intel Optane 16GB(Boot Drive) SSD: 1X Inland Professional 256GB(Jails) HDD: 6X 4TB Iron Wolf Pro’s RAID Z2 CASE: Antec Gaming Series Three Hundred Two Mid-Tower NIC: SuperMicro 10G X540-AT2 
I'm planning to add 2 extra drives and recreate my pool to 8x 4TB. I purchase this LSI SAS 9207-8i in order to accomplish that. My question is since the card is on IT mode, would I have to update the drivers or just "plug/play". If I have to update, I just need to some resource on how to accomplish that.
Do I have to do it within the FreeNas box itself? Do I have to create a custom ISO boot thumb drive with the drivers? Or There's any other way to do so?
"PLEASE" I do understand that my hardware is not "server grade", but that's what I had at the moment. Also I know that the CPU/MOBO I have now won't be able to run 2 PCI lanes, but I'm also changing the CPU to a Ryzen 3600 which does supports on that MOBO.

Thanks in advance!!!
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2020.08.05 01:48 ChangingFiveHundred iOS 14 Beta 4 install question

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question I’m new to this beta stuff. I finally figured out some of the issues I was having trying to get the new IOS installed. And everything seems to be working. But... one thing. I was under the impression the new beta 3 or 4 was installed but when I click on update it says “your software is up to date iOS 14.0”
Shouldn’t it say 14.4???
Just wondering. I’ll delete if this is a dumb question LOL Thanks in advance for your help.
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2020.08.05 01:48 UDani17 1984 - Daniel Alejandro Alfonso Velandia

1984 - Daniel Alejandro Alfonso Velandia En la película 1984 se ilustra la manera en la que las personas que tienen el poder controlan al resto, haciendo ver y valer sus ideologías como la única realidad, oprimiendo la diferencia, al acabar con los pensamientos individuales e impulsar los colectivos dominantes. Otro punto que quiero destacar de la película es el fragmento que habla de la guerra, la guerra que se desarrolla con el fin de mantener las cosas como están, los privilegiados siendo privilegiados, los pobres siendo pobres, etc. Por otro lado, desde mi perspectiva noté una semejanza muy clara con la realidad que vivimos hoy en día con la tecnología, en la cinta cinematográfica los vigilaban directamente con las cámaras, hoy en día se sigue presentando de forma indirecta, la mayoría de nosotros estamos supervisados y controlados, un control que nosotros mismos brindamos con la información y las normativas que aceptamos desde nuestros dispositivos tecnológicos. Por último, es clave resaltar uno de los puntos que se nombraron en clase, enfocado en el poder desde la narrativa de Foucault, que en uno de sus textos hablaba del la humillación como un mecanismo y método que fortalece el desarrollo del poder, presente en la película en todo momento, aunque en mi caso me marcó mucho la narración de las personas que incumplían las leyes establecidas por el estado, ya que eran expuestas en todo el territorio desde las pantallas (obligadas a seguir un libreto, con el fin de aumentar la aceptación de las ideologías del estado por parte del pueblo).
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2020.08.05 01:48 Bluejay605 Shouldnt be punished for the glitchy update

Since the new update my game has Frozen mid game twice. A couple of my other fiends are also having this problem while playing. It usually happens towards the start of game but ive had one at the end of a spike rush match. When we are finally able to get back on we’re stuck with the penalties. Ive never DC’d once before the update so the fact that im getting penalties due to the new update is unfair.
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2020.08.05 01:48 Teeganblu Underwater Ke’Koa, the Shark-Dragon (Art by myself, IG: @teeganbluu)

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2020.08.05 01:48 Sath_Morsius Android 16 Zenkai seems very promising but everyone is forgetting one crucial detail...

He may be very potent against VB but he doesn't have a good team. If he counters VB who in his team will hold LF Vegeta, Rage Trunks, PUR Vegeta, MZ or SSB Goku? He has a lot of potential but I personally won't hype him until they show new Android units.
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2020.08.05 01:48 Pixel-s I made this thinking of a pixelated game boss fight. Tell me what you think

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2020.08.05 01:48 meemorize What are your Atlas watch stone strategies for end-game mapping and leveling new characters?

Hi team!
I think this is the first time that I've fully unlocked and completed A8 and all the Awakened/Bonus objectives and have all 3 slots for all my atlas regions fave map system unlocked.
With that in mind, I'm not sure if there is any sort of strategy I should be applying now to build my map pool in the T15-T16 range better?
It's not that I am running out entirely but I am oftentimes in situations where a conqueror will spawn in a region and in that specific region I might only have T14s for example when I would prefer running T15/T16 whenever possible (I chisel, alc, and sextant every T14+ map btw).
I've learned about Atlas leapfrogging this league and it's helped me a lot in building a sustainable map pool base and I'm just wondering what people generally do now once they have A8 and all the unlocks and just map with their characters.
I would be curious specifically on how to handle:

Keen to hear how more experienced mappers handle all this to learn from you guys. :)
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2020.08.05 01:48 brandon_s1 I'm bored a af (17m)

Anyone want to play the number game
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2020.08.05 01:48 mullet-man-sadness Artists of reddit, how do you deal with the back pain from being hunched over your projects for hours at a time?

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